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Live Dauphin County Traffic Cameras

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Live Dauphin County traffic cameras, courtesy of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

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US-22/US-322 At Clarks Ferry Bridge US-22/US-322 At Clarks Ferry Bridge     US-22 & US-322 AT PA 225 US-22 & US-322 AT PA 225

I-81 AT US-22/322 (Exit 67)I-81 AT US-22/322 (Exit 67)    I-81 w/o US-22/322 (Exit 66)I-81 w/o US-22/322 (Exit 66)

I-81 AT I-83 (Exit 70)I-81 AT I-83 (Exit 70)    I-81 w/o N Mountain Rd (Exit 72)I-81 w/o N Mountain Rd (Exit 72)

I-81 @ Linglestown Rd (Exit 77)I-81 @ Linglestown Rd (Exit 77)    I-81 AT PA-743 (Exit 80)I-81 AT PA-743 (Exit 80)

I-83 @ US-22 (Exit 50)I-83 @ US-22 (Exit 50)    I-83 AT Union Deposit Rd (Exit 48)I-83 AT Union Deposit Rd (Exit 48)

I-83/I-283/US-322/Eisnhwr Blvd (Exit 46)I-83/I-283/US-322/Esnhwr Blvd (Exit 46)    I-83 @ S 32nd St (Exit 45)I-83 AT S 32nd St (Exit 45)

I-83 AT S 13th St (Exit 44A)I-83 AT S 13th St (Exit 44A)    I-283 @ PA-441 (Exit 2)I-283 AT PA-441 (Exit 2)

I-283 AT PA-283 (Exit 1)I-283 AT PA-283 (Exit 1)    I-83 AT n/o Derry St (Exit 47)I-83 AT n/o Derry St (Exit 47)

I-83 @ S 19th St (Exit 44B)I-83 AT S 19th St (Exit 44B)    I-81 AT Blue Ridge Ave (MM 74)I-81 AT Blue Ridge Ave (MM 74)

I-81 NORTH REST AREAI-81 NORTH REST AREA    US-22 / 322 AT PA-39 (Linglestown Rd)US-22 / 322 AT PA-39 (Linglestown Rd)

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