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Shea Quinn of the Luv Gods and Shea & Swish

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Shea and Swish 20120518sg0181 webAs guitarist and frontman for both the Luv Gods and acoustic duo Shea & Swish, Shea Quinn maintains one of the busiest schedules in Harrisburg’s music scene.  “We’re just playing our behinds off, I’m already booked for the whole year,” said Quinn. “We’re playing 5 nights a week, some nights we’re playing triple gigs.  We can really burn ourselves out sometimes, but I’m blessed I’m able to play this much.”

Quinn originally gained fame as a member of new-wave icons the Sharks, and spent 20 years touring throughout the country and internationally. “We were all over MTV, played all over the world,” said Quinn. “I lived in London, New York, all over the place.” Once the Sharks went on hiatus, the Camp Hill native went on to tour with Jeffrey Gaines, before returning to Central PA to raise his daughter. “I had a little girl, she’s actually not little anymore, she’s 14 and gorgeous which I think is God’s way of getting me back for the 80s, and she’s my whole world,” explained Quinn.

Despite his desire to stay in the area, Quinn kept up his aggressive playing schedule. In 2003 he formed the Luv Gods, a five-piece band that plays every style of music from classic rock to Motown. “We can do pretty much anything,” said Quinn. “We play music from the 50s all the way up to the present, covers, Sharks material and some originals.”

While the Luv Gods headline festivals and sell out casino concert halls, Quinn and drummer Steve Swisher’s acoustic side-project Shea & Swish is more suited for intimate venues. “Shea & Swish is just me on an acoustic guitar and Swish on a stand-up drum kit. With just two people we can be more versatile because we can do pretty much anything people want to hear,” said Quinn.  “We still get people dancing, it still rocks out.”

Shea & Swish will be performing as headliners for the 2012 MODE Island Luau on City Island on August 19. “We’re doing the Luau for the riverboat, and we’re just going to have a great time,” said Quinn.  “It’s going to be fun.”  Shea and Swish will perform 3 sets throughout the Luau from 3 PM to 8 PM. For tickets to the event visit

In addition to his constant performing, Quinn is currently recording a new album. “Right now I’m putting together a compilation,” said Quinn. “We’re going to do a bunch of Sharks songs, about 6 new songs, and have special guests like Jeffrey Gaines, guys from the Sharks, and all of the people I’ve played with over the years.”  The album will be released along with a DVD of performance videos.

“Music’s been very, very good to me. Most people don’t make it playing music 37 years and still having people come out to see them play,” reflected Quinn. “We’re pretty blessed in that respect.  Thank you for coming out to see me play.”

To find Shea & Swish and The Luv Gods’ full concert schedules, photos, videos and more, visit, or the Luv Gods Facebook page


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