Career Doctor Column (July 1996)

Dear Career Doctor

I am in the process of interviewing for a new job. I am getting the interviews, but what can I do AFTER the interview to help me get the job, without just sitting back and waiting for them to call?
Robert W. via E-mail

Dear Robert,
One very important job search hint is:THE ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL THANK-YOU NOTE. After each interview, the first thing you should do right away is jot down some notes about that interview. These will help you when you sit down later THE SAME DAY and write the note. This note serves several purposes (in addition to common courtesy). First, it keeps your name fresh in the mind of the interviewer. He/she is interviewing many people and that extra reinforcement can only help. Second, if the interview went well, you can just reiterate your interest in the company (keeping things on a very positive note.) Third, if the interview did NOT go well or you feel that the opening was not a good match for you, you can state to the interviewer that you would be interested in any OTHER openings that they may have. Also, you can state things that you may have forgotten to emphasize in the interview or correct things that may have shown you in a negative light.

Your thank you notes must be very timely. Write and mail them the same day. Studies show that jobseekers usually DO NOT send thank you letters to employers. Studies also show that employer are IMPRESSED with candidates who do send thank you letters. So, make them an absolutely crucial part of your job search and set yourself apart from your competition!

The Career Doctor

This feature originally appeared in MODE Magazine, Month YEAR.