Family First with Faulkner Honda

Family First with Faulkner Honda


Faulkner Honda, Harrisburg

Balancing the responsibilities of work, finances and family life can be a struggle for every American throughout their life. Harrisburg’s Faulkner Honda on Paxton St. has thrived for over 30 years by operating under the philosophy of “Family First,” an approach that affects how Faulkner treats its customers, employees and community. “I started off in 1994 as a salesperson, with a developing family,” explained Faulkner Honda President Don Perry. “Working at Faulkner Honda gave me the opportunity to spend time with them while the kids were young and growing up. We know people need time off to see their sons and daughters at baseball games or dance recitals. The employees in our organization spend an awful lot of time at work and with their associates, and to us we’re all family to each other as well. We have a lot of employees who have been here for 20+ years because they love the atmosphere we’ve created here, and in turn, they treat their customers like family.”

Faulkner Honda Don PerryFaulkner Honda’s Don PerryFaulkner Honda sponsors a number of youth and community organizations, including a softball, soccer and basketball teams from Paxton to Hummelstown. “It’s just trying to be involved in the local community in as many ways as we can,” said Perry. “A lot of what started off as business relationships have now become personal relationships.” By working together with the organizations that are important to its employees and customers, Faulkner Honda has built ties to the people and communities of Central PA that have lasted for generations. “Family First embodies what we have here; it’s an important philosophy to me. There are a lot of fantastic dealerships out there, but the one thing that separates us from our competitors is our people.”

One of the new ways Faulkner Honda is helping families this fall is the Family First Rewards Program, a year-long benefit package that comes with every new Honda purchased. “It’s a pretty exciting program,” explained Finance Manager Steve Balaban, “especially combining that with our 30-minutes or less service.” The Family First Rewards Program includes a variety of free inspections, maintenance services, and discounts, as well as $500 of collision deductible coverage and a complimentary one-day vehicle rental, totaling over $1,000 in free services. For $499, the plan can be extended to last 3 years, along with additional services and a $500 deduction off of the next vehicle purchase. Faulkner Honda’s customer care has been repeatedly recognized as some of the best in the nation, and the dealership has received the Honda Council of Excellence Award for the past eight years for providing exceptional financial service and satisfaction to their customers. “We’ve been proud to win it 8 years in a row now,” explained Perry. “Folks come in and have credit issues or tough life situations, and our folks are able to find a way to get them financed, get their car to them, and help make their life a little bit better.”

The Faulkner family has maintained auto dealerships throughout Pennsylvania since 1932, and after over 80 years of experience, Faulkner has developed into one of the state’s largest dealer groups while still remaining family-owned and operated. Faulkner Honda is located at 2008 Paxton St. in Harrisburg. Faulkner Honda’s Sales, Service and Finance Offices are each open Monday through Saturday, and customers are able to search Faulkner’s inventory, schedule service appointments or apply for approved financing at any time through