Medals of Honor on Display for One Day Only at National Civil War Museum

National Civil War Museum, Harrisburg

On Saturday, March 24th at 2 PM, the National Civil War Museum welcomes Dr. Richard Banz as he presents his lecture on the Medal of Honor, 150th Commemoration of the Presentation of the Medal of Honor. Dr. Banz will discuss the origins of the Medals of Honor, first presented on March 25, 1863 to the surviving members of Andrew’s Raiders. An original-style Medal of Honor will be on exhibit along with five other medals from six different US servicemen, representing three US Wars. This rare exhibit will be on display during this event only. The lecture will take place in the Education Gallery on the museum’s main floor. 

Dr. Richard Banz is currently the executive director of the Southern Museum of Civil War & Locomotive History. He also served as chairman of the Alliance of Pennsylvania County Historical Societies.

For more information on the event, visit or call 717.260.1861.