Carnival of Health at the Harsco Science Center

Carnival of Health at the Harsco Science Center

Day 5 of 100 Days of Summer • Wednesday, May 29, 2019

On Wednesday, May 29, 2019, join the Harsco Science Center on the Whitaker Center campus. Their presentation, the Carnival of Health, uses interactive displays to educate adults and children on the wonders of the human body.

The display is meant to emphasize how to keep the body functioning at its highest level and includes exhibits on calories, physical fitness, and hand-washing.

“We are pleased to present visitors with our Carnival of Health gallery. Celebrating the wonders of science in such a fun and enriching atmosphere.” said Dr. Michael Hanes, Whitaker Center President and CEO.

Feed Gorgo, Shoot hoops, and learn about nutritious eating in this twist on the classic Pop-A-Shot® carnival game. Get healthy eating tips while feeding Gorgo a balanced diet of colored basketballs representing the food groups. Icky the Clown Learning, about hand washing, is good, clean fun with this take on the arcade favorite, Whac-AMole™. Wipe out Icky’s germs, while he delivers messages on hygiene ─ and watch out for a wet surprise at the end!

Conquerors of the Seven Summits Guests can scale a 16-foot climbing wall and discover the importance of setting goals and staying active. Climbers in training will become inspired by the stories of men and women who have overcome challenges and climbed each of the seven continents’ highest peaks. React-O-Meter. Visitors can test their reaction speed in this version of Quick Draw. Compete against others and try to beat personal record time. See Your Future Guests can watch themselves age in the years ahead. Mindball Visitors can focus their brain waves to move a ball across the table. All American Calorie Race In this patriotic-themed cycling competition, the race is on to balance the caloric intake from the foods with the calories burned during physical activities. Memory Scramble Up to four guests can test their memories by mimicking a sequence of synchronized lights and sound effects in this version of the iconic ‘80s game Simon™. Body Image Mirror The carnival fun house mirror focuses on the importance of a healthy body image. Fitness Drum A bass drum beats in synch with a visitor’s heart.

For more information, please visit the Whitaker Center website Exhibits page and scroll down to Carnival of Health, or call 717-214-ARTS.

Image courtesy of Whitaker Center