How To Take Photos For Your Business

Taking photos for your business is easier than ever.
We’ve always recommended using a dedicated “company” camera for this work, but as of recent times, most smart phones take photos as good as point-and-shoot cameras of two years ago, and high-end cameras of five years ago.
The only real challenges with phone-cameras are the tiny, often easily-smudged lenses, and the lack of good lighting.
Here are some of the golden rules of taking great photos in not-so-great situations.
1. Clean the lens on your camera or phone-camera. Use a soft, cotton cloth, if an eyeglass cloth is not available.
2. Turn the flash on, and make sure the camera is set to the highest resolution setting.
3. Use a tripod, if possible. (You can also use the edge or corner of a wall to stabilize your camera.
4. Take more than one shot. Compose your scene and take three or more images. This offers the option to save a pic where the boss blinks.
Step and repeat backdrops
ideal lighting