MODE Swag: Muller Yogurt

MODE Swag: Muller Yogurt Offices, Midtown Harrisburg

The office sees a lot of visitors every week. Interview subjects, freelancers, stray cats, Paul, politicians, and sometimes deliveries of free stuff. Today, Müller yogurt, brought to you by the Quaker Oats Company.



Müller Dairy and the Quaker Oats Company are introducing European-style yogurt to central PA. We received three different samples: Müller Corner yogurt with strawberry mix-ins, Müller Greek yogurt with caramelized almonds, and Müller Frütup with peach and passion fruit mousse.  All 3 were quickly devoured by the staff, and are available for purchase at groceries throughout Harrisburg.  Visit Müller and Quaker’s Facebook page at